Restrictions and prohibitions


Goods allowed for shipment from Austria to Ukraine for individuals

  • Toys and stationery

    Plush toys, construction toys, educational toys, stationery, etc.

    Prohibited: postal stationery (stamped paper)

  • Clothes, textiles and bedclothes

    Blankets, bedsheets and pillows (including down feather), etc.

    Prohibited: Fur goods and goods containing fur

  • Electronics and household appliances

    Computers, components, accessories and peripherals; mobile phones, household appliances, etc., including those with integrated power supply units and power sources which are part of the device.

    Prohibited: Permitted

  • Books

    Books, manuals, etc.

    Prohibited: Antique books aged over 100 years. Published products originating from or produced in the aggressor state or on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

  • Food

    Food in factory packing with the total weight of up to 10 kg, except for those requiring a specific storage temperature, or perishable goods.

    Prohibited: Foods requiring a specific storage temperature or those which are perishable without factory packing.

  • Pharmaceutical products

    • 1
      Over-the-counter medicines or those registered in Ukraine
    • 2
      Dietary supplements in factory packing with the total weight of up to 10 kg
    • 3
      vitamins А, В1, В2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E and their derivatives used predominantly as vitamins, provitamins, and vitamin, provitamin or concentrated mixtures, in any lquid or without it, and natural concentrates


    • 1
      Prescription drugs, substances, or their mixtures of natural, synthetic, or biotechnological origin that are not registered in Ukraine
    • 2
      With damaged factory packing or without it
    • 3
      Without instruction for use
    • 4
      Unmarked body conditions and functions.

  • Perfumes and cosmetics

    Perfumes, eau de Cologne (including alcohol-containing ones) and other liquid perfumes and cosmetics, only those sealed in factory packing, with comprehensive marking indicating the manufacturer and ingredients. Nail polishes, hair dyers, cosmetic lotions, deodorants, sprays and other cosmetic products in a form other than liquid, in closed and open factory packing, with complete marking indicating the manufacturer and ingredients.

    Prohibited: Products in pressurized aerosol containers.

  • Cash and jewellery

    Costume jewellery and decorations not made of precious metals, gemstones or semi-precious gems.

    Prohibited: Cash (banknotes and coins), foreign currency, bank metals, precious and semi-precious stones (cut or uncut, polished or not polished), jewellery, payment documents, and securities. For example: gold, silver, metal belonging to the platinum group which are in products or unprocessed, diamonds, rubies, pearls, amber, amethysts, turquoise, agate, printed shares, bonds, bond coupons, notes (sights), promissory notes, letters of credit, checks, bank orders, certificates of deposit, other financial and bank documents, as well as documents that can be exchanged for cash or goods (for instance, vouchers with a nominal value, credit tickets, cash and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash entrance tickets and gambling tickets), etc.

  • Military and dual use goods use and special technical to secretly obtain information

    Military uniform, helmets, binoculars and drones.

    Prohibited: Listening devices, materials which absorb radio-electronic emissions, telecommunication equipment where user-side signals are coded, locationrevealing and detection systems, sniper scopes, collimators, thermal cameras, nightvision devices, goods containing and/or compiling GPS trackers, etc.

  • Animals and plants and products made from them

    Leather clothing, footwear and accessories. Artificial leather goods.

    Prohibited: Live or dead animals, fish, birds or any other living organisms of any kind. Natural fur (fur coats, tanned sheepskin coats; clothes, footwear and accessories decorated with natural fur), skins, stuffed animals, feathers, ivory and ivory goods.

  • Flammable liquids and solids

    Household chemical agents only sealed in factory packing, with complete marking indicating the manufacturer and ingredients.

    Prohibited: Gasoline, kerosene, acetone, methanol, methyl ether, brake fluid, carbon disulfide, ethers, organic solvents, all types of glues and sealants containing flammable (self-igniting) components, paint products, paints, cleaning agents, empty fuel containers, potassium, sodium, calcium metal, their alloys, phosphorous calcium, white, yellow phosphorus and other substances classified as flammable solids, nitrocellulose, sparklers, coal samples, pellet samples, firewood samples, magnesium, any metal powders, etc.

  • Used personal items (clothes and footwear)

    Used personal items with spots or light dirt.

    Prohibited: Used personal items whose state of contamination threatens the health of persons who come into contact with them.

  • Hunting and fishing supplies

    Fishing rods, spinnings, hooks, fishing tackle, and baits, only artificial, in factory packing.

    Prohibited: Electrofishing systems, poaching equipment, monofilament nets, hunting traps, etc.

  • Metals and scrap metal

    New ready-made metal products.

    Prohibited: Processed rare earth metals, their mixtures or alloys, ferro-alloys, turnings, cuttings, debris, milling waste, filings, stainless steel and scrap iron ingots for smelting, copper alloys, unprocessed lead, nickel, unprocessed tin, nickel powder, wolfram (tungsten), magnesium, molybdenum, tantalum, bismuth, cadmium, titanium, zirconium, antimony, manganese, beryllium, chromium, germanium, vanadium, gallium, hafnium, indium, niobium, rhenium, thallium, nickel, tin, metal ceramics and products made of it, cobalt matte and other cobalt metallurgy intermediate products.

  • Wood and wooden goods

    Wooden goods.

    Prohibited: Unprocessed wood: lumber, logs, stumps, etc.

  • Data carriers (disks or flash drives)

    Data carriers without passwords, starter packages, and SIM cards (for mobile phones and equipment) integrated into the equipment or as separate items.

    Prohibited: Discs, flash drives and other password-protected data carriers.

  • Power sources and other dangerous items

    New rechargeable batteries (Li-ion or AGM) if they have terminal protection, new storage cells in factory packing, with closed contacts; powerbanks – only new and in factory packing. New and used storage cells (except for lead acid ones) integrated into the equipment

    Prohibited: Millcake, fertilizers, dry ice, asbestos, vinegar, magnetized materials, internal combustion engines, lawn mowers, batteries (other than dry), segways, electric cars, electric bikes, GyroScooters, hoverboards, airbags, breathing apparatuses, pressurized cylinders, chainsaws, fluorescent lamps, as well as air conditioning, computer, dental, drilling, and refrigeration equipment containing coolant gases and liquids, etc

  • Paintings, Antiques

    Children's drawings, paintings by numbers

    Prohibited: Antique books aged over 100 years, original works of art (not copies), rare awards (orders) and medals classified as having a cultural value. For example: paintings, icons, drawings, and pastels which are hand made/original, collages and similar decorative images; engravings, prints, and lithographies; sculptures and figures made of any material; postal or duty stamps, postal stationery (stamped paper); zoological, botanic, mineralogical, anatomic collections and collection items or items of historical, archaeological, palaeontological, ethnographic, or numismatic value; national, historical, or cultural values defined by the laws of the import and export countries.

  • Automotive, aircraft parts, etc

    New and used automotive parts and other parts without remnants of fuel and lubricants.
    ordion description 19

    Prohibited: Used automotive, aircraft, etc parts with remnants of fuel and lubricants

  • Weapons

    Prohibited: Weapons of any kind, including hunting and sports, parts and munitions for weapons, models of weapons, full-size models and replicas, pneumatic weapons, melee weapons and other items specifically designed for attack and defense, electronic laser weapons of all types and electric shockers of all types. For example: machine guns, pneumatic rifles, bullets, shells, capsules, swords, hunting knives, nunchucks, brass knuckles, paralytic aerosols, laser cannons, electric shockers, etc.

  • Poisons and toxins

    Prohibited: Poisonous and potent substances in any physical state irrespective of form and type of packing. For example: brucine, nicotine, strychnine, formalin, antifreeze, ethylene glycol, mercury, cyanide preparations, cyclone, black cyanide and substances with similar properties, etc.

  • Animal feed and supplies

    Toys and accessories for animals (not edible)

    Prohibited: Prepared animal feed. Veterinary vaccines, vitamins, and remedies for animal treatment and care

  • Explosive substances and items

    Prohibited: Explosives, explosive compounds, items containing them and explosion means. For example: TNT, gunpowder, detonator capsules, electric detonators, fire-conducting and detonating cords, ammunition, home-made explosive mixtures, signal and lighting rockets, flares, smoke cartridges, landing bombs, termite matches, blaster matches, railway detonators, sparklers, fireworks, fireworks gels, household pyrotechnic products and similar items including self-made items and products, aerosols containing nerve-paralytic, tear gas, poisonous and potent gases, etc.

  • Excisable goods

    Prohibited: Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, beer, tobacco goods, tobacco heating products (THPs) in electronic-controlled heaters, liquid mixtures of chemical substances containing nicotine or not containing it, used to generate vapour in electronic cigarettes and contained, among other things, in cartridges, filling containers and other containers.

  • Narcotic drugs

    Prohibited: Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors, including cannabis, for any purposes and in any form.

  • Pornographic materials, counterfeit and falsified products

    Prohibited: Pornographic photos, videos, materials and printed products. Pirated copies of audio, video and other goods.

  • Biological samples

    Prohibited: Human remains, human organs, human tissues, ashes, DNA tests, blood, urine samples, etc.

  • Unmarked containers

    Prohibited: Unmarked containers or other containers with liquids, powders or other components without a clear list of ingredients or purpose.

  • Seeds and sowing material

    Prohibited: Seeds, trees and plants. Including: potato, fruit, forest and decorative plant seeds; cut flowers from countries in which quarantine organisms are spread (pests, plant diseases, and weed).

  • Soil samples


  • Caustic and corrosive substances

    Prohibited: Hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acid; potassium and sodium alkalis; chlorinated lime, battery electrolyte and substances with similar properties, chemicals for removing varnishes and paints from surfaces covered with them.

  • Radioactive and infectious substances

    Prohibited: Isotopes for diagnostics and treatment, flaw detector heads, gamma ray logging devices, microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, Rickettsiaceae, parasites, and fungi), infectious agents, such as proteinaceous infectious particles, medical and clinical waste, biosamples, etc.

  • Automotive licence plates

    Prohibited: State automotive licence plates issued for vehicles registered in Ukraine.

  • Any gases for domestic and industrial use

    Prohibited: Gases in any packing, aerosol containers, lighters, gas cans, fire extinguishers, propane-butane, nitrogen, neon, argon, oxygen, chlorine, etc.

  • Documents and freight sent to the address of foreign courts, banks, court order enforcement services, PO boxes and branches of other postal services


  • Automotive tires

    Used automotive tires and other tires (rubber, for all vehicles) without clear signs of damage (cuts, deformations), with the protector depth along the entire circle not lower than the minimum allowable values: 1.6 mm for road cars, 0.8 mm for motorcycles and mopeds, 1 mm for trucks, and 2 mm for buses.

    Prohibited: Used automotive tires and other tires (rubber, for all vehicles) with clear signs of damage (cuts, deformations), with the protector depth along the entire circle lower than the minimum allowable values: 1.6 mm for road cars, 0.8 mm for motorcycles and mopeds, 1 mm for trucks, and 2 mm for buses.

  • Printed boards and self-made products

    Printed boards with factory marking.

    Prohibited: Unmarked printed boards and self-made products from printed boards.