Packaging standard


Packing standards

5 rules to follow when packing a parcel on your own

Here is a simple guide you can save and share with your friends.

  • <b><span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif;nmso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-ansi-language:UK;mso-fareast-language:UK;nmso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Select the correct box size</span></b>

    Select the correct box size

    Use a corrugated cardboard box; it should not bendeformed, torn or have wet spots or slits. The box should have straightnstiffeners
  • <b><span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif;nmso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-ansi-language:UK;mso-fareast-language:UK;nmso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Check the size</span></b>

    Check the size

    The size of the box corresponds to the size of the shipment and the minimum dimensions of the box are 11×11 cm
  • <b><span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif;nmso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-ansi-language:UK;mso-fareast-language:UK;nmso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Additionally pack fragile postal items</span></b>

    Additionally pack fragile postal items

    Glass, porcelain and other fragile items shall benwrapped on all sides with at least 3 layers of soft filler. If there arenseveral items, each shall be packed separately
  • <b><span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif;nmso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-ansi-language:UK;mso-fareast-language:UK;nmso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Firmly fasten the items inside the box</span></b>

    Firmly fasten the items inside the box

    Put the filler into all the gaps in the box. Thenshipment should not move inside during transportation
  • <b><span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif;nmso-fareast-font-family:Arial;mso-ansi-language:UK;mso-fareast-language:UK;nmso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Select an envelope and a bag for documents and textile</span></b>

    Select an envelope and a bag for documents and textile

    Put the documents into a cardboard envelope andnclothes and textile, into a clothes bag. Do not put round, sharp or fragilenitems into a bag.
  • Save yourself 5 basic rules for packing your parcels

    Save yourself 5 basic rules for packing your parcels

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