Receive from Ukraine


Thanks to Nova Post you can receive a shipment from Ukraine quickly and conveniently

  • In a Nova Post branch
  • By courier

Parcel shipments from Ukraine to Lithuania for individuals take place in 5 days or more.


CategoryDocumentsSmall, up to 2 kgMedium, up to 10 kgLarge, up to 30 kgParcel up to 1000 kg
Delivery tariff to Lithuania, UAH25030045060025 / for every kg
Additional charge for courier delivery, UAH100100100100100 / for every kg

The delivery tariff is indicated without packaging.

  • Important! The cost of shipment is paid by the sender in Ukraine. The cost of any additional customs duties are paid by the receiver in Lithuania.

Customs clearance

During customs clearance procedures, two types of customs duties may be added for the receiver to pay: import duty and VAT. Their applicability and size depend on the type and declared value of the shipment.

  • Declared value of the shipment up to 45 Euros

    There are no additional customs duties (except in cases, when the customs official determines that the value exceeds 45 Euros).
  • Declared value of the shipment is between 45 Euros and 150 Euros

    The parcel is subject to a 21% value added tax. Import duty is 0%.
  • Declared value of the shipment exceeds 150 Euros

    Shipment involves the payment of customs duty in the amount of 0% to 48.5% (depending on the type of goods) and VAT of 21% of the amount of the declared value and duty. There is also an additional charge for customs brokerage services, which is 30 euros.

For example:

  • VAT calculation for a shipment with a declared value of 100 Euros: VAT = 100*21% = 21 Euros. Summary: the receiver pays 21 Euros.
  • Calculation of 10% duty for the shipment with a declared value of 320 euros: Import duty = 320 * 10% = 32 Euros. 
  • VAT calculation for the shipment with a declared value of 320 euros: VAT = (320 + 32) * 21% = 73.92 euros. Import duty + VAT + customs brokerage services = 32 + 73.92 + 30 = 135.92 euros. Bottom line: the recipient needs to pay 135.92 euros.

Customs may detain, refuse to process or increase the value of the shipment in calculating customs duties in the following cases:

  • There is a difference between the actual contents and the description in the declaration;
  • The declared value does not reflect it true value;
  • The shipment is determined to be commercial in nature (several identical items);
  • The shipment contains items prohibited from shipment.

Please consider that if more than one parcel is received during the calendar month, their declared value is summed, and if the aggregate amount exceeds €45, the customs authorities may calculate an import duty and taxes in the destination country.

Customs payments are made by the parcel recipient. The Company informs the client on the parcel clearance details and customs payments via email or SMS.