For Business clients

- International delivery

For business clients in Poland and from Poland to Ukraine up to 30 kg

Documents up to 1 kg between branches

in Polandto Ukraine
8,13 PLN20,33 PLN

Parcels up to 30 kg between branches

Weightup to 1 kgup to 2 kgup to 5 kgup to 10 kgup to 20 kgup to 30 kg
in Poland8,13 PLN8,94 PLN9,76 PLN11,38 PLN13,01 PLN14,63 PLN
to Ukraine20,33 PLN24,39 PLN28,46 PLN36,59 PLN48,78 PLN65,04 PLN

Delivery/collection by courier

+4,07 PLN for parcels up to 30 kg

Packaging service

Categorypackageenvelopebox up to 1 kgbox up to 2 kgbox up to 5 kgbox up to 10 kgbox up to 20 kgbox up to 30 kg
Packaging0,81 PLN1,63 PLN2,44 PLN3,25 PLN4,88 PLN5,69 PLN7,32 PLN8,13 PLN

Parcel return

Parcel return from Ukraine new delivery

For business clients in Poland and from Poland to Ukraine up to 30 kg

Palletized cargo delivery cost between the branches  or cost of delivery and collection by courier

Actual weight in kg2505007501000
Pallet area in m20,490,991,492,00
in Poland162,60 PLN243,90 PLN325,20 PLN406,50 PLN
o Ukraine569,11 PLN975,61 PLN1382,11 PLN1788,62 PLN

Cargo between branches

Cargo above 30 kg (delivery cost for each kg)

in Poland delivery cost for each kgto Ukraine delivery cost for each kg
1,63 PLN2,44 PLN

 Delivery and collection by courier

+12,20 PLN delivery cost for each 100 kg
  • Commission on the declared value: up to PLN 1000 is included in the cost of delivery; over PLN  1,000 0.5%.
  • Weight Calculation: The greater of the actual or volumetric weight is applied. Volumetric weight (kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 4000
  • Prices are in PLN (including VAT). Prices are valid from 15/05/2023.