Receive in Latvia


Thanks to Nova Post in Latvia, you can receive parcels from Ukraine quickly and conveniently

  • at the Nova Post branch 
  • by courier to the address
  • in the parcel locker (soon)
Delivery terms: from 5 days.

Who pays

Shipping cost Customs duties and customs brokerage services
Sender in Ukraine Recipient in Latvia

After sending, we will send the recipient a message about the package registration and payment calculation: via SMS, Viber or e-mail.

Tariffs for delivery from Ukraine

The cost of any additional customs duties paid by the recipient in Latvia.

Customs clearance of shipment

Parcel cost: up to €45 Parcel cost: €45-150 Parcel cost exceeds €150
There are no additional taxes    VAT: 21% of the shipment cost

For example: the item costs €100. The recipient needs to pay additional VAT: €100 x 21% = €21
   import duty: up to 17% of the value, depending on the type of item

   VAT: 21% of the shipment cost (declared value + import duty)

Calculation example

  • 1
    import duty = €300 × 17% = €51
  • 2
    VAT = (€300 + €51) х 21% = €73,71

Tax to be paid to the recipient: €51 + €73,71 = €124,71

Customs office has the right not to pass the shipment or to change the amount of customs duties.

This may happen if the customs officer found a violation:

  • 1
    The contents of the shipment differ from the list specified in the declaration
  • 2
    The declared value differs from the real one
  • 3
    The parcel contains prohibited goods
  • 4
    In the last month, the recipient has already received international shipments with a total value of more than €150