Send from address


How to order a courier to send a parcel in Latvia from address

  1. 1
    Prepare and pack your items in a box.
    We have prepared a short instruction for you under the link: how to properly pack a parcel.
  2. 2
    Create a new shipment:
    • 2.1
      using the Nova Post website
    • 2.2
      using the mobile application
    • 2.3
      using the personal account
  3. 3
    Enter all necessary data in the shipment form: sender's details, recipient's details, contents and declared shipment value.
  4. 4
    Pay for the shipment.
  5. 5
    Receive e-mail confirmation of application submission, payment and courier arrival date.
  6. 6
    Hand the packed parcel over to the courier. The courier will print and stick a sticker on your box.

You can track your shipment using the Nova Post tracking option on the website and in the mobile application.

You cannot edit or review the submitted shipment form using the website.

You may find the submitted shipment form in the Nova Post mobile application or inside your personal account.


  • Delivery time up to 3 days
  • Free insurance for parcels with value up to €500
  • Parcel tracking
  • Customer support

Collecting a parcel by a courier

Parcels are picked up by Nova Post couriers in Riga and in other cities by our couriers and couriers of our partner company. The date of collecting the parcel by the courier depends on the date of submission of the request:

Requesting a courier in Riga

  • Time of order submission and payment for the service

    Mon-Sat until 12 am

    Mon-Sat after 12 am

  • Collecting a parcel by a courier

    on the next business day
    from 8 am to 4 pm

    after 1 business day
    from 8 am to 4 pm

Nova Post working days in Riga: Mon-Sat

Requesting a courier in other cities

  • Time of order submission and payment for the service

    Mon-Fri until 6 pm

    Mon-Fri after 6 pm

  • Collecting a parcel by a courier

    on the next business day

    after 1 business day

Working days in other cities: Mon-Fri

Parcels delivery time in Latvia when sending from address

  • within Riga

    up to 2 working days

  • within Latvia

    up to 3 working days

How to receive an invoice for an online payment

Send your inquiry to the following e-mail address: In your query please specify:

  • 1
    The name of the organization
  • 2
    The headquarters of the organization
  • 3
    IC, DIC
  • 4
    Phone number
  • 5
    Email address
  • 6
    Payment information: shipment number, payment date and amount

Invoice issuance date: 1-3 days from receipt of the inquiry.


  • What should I do if I wasn't at home when the courier arrived

    We will call you to arrange a new pick-up date.

    After two unsuccessful attempts, we will transfer the parcel to the warehouse and call the recipient to confirm whether the delivery is still needed.

  • Is it possible to hand over not packed parcel to courier

    No, couriers only accept and collect parcels packed in accordance with packaging standards.

    Please pack the parcel in advance so as not to make the courier wait.

  • What happens if I hand over a parcel which is more than 30 kg to the courier

    The courier will collect the parcel, but it will be weighed at the sorting office. If the parcel is above 30 kg, we will return it to the sender.

    You can learn more about the conditions for sending parcels weighing over 30 kg in the "Cargo" tab.

  • Can the recipient pay for the delivery

    No, the sender pays for the delivery.

  • How to track a parcel

    You can track your parcel in the Tracking tab or in the mobile application.

  • How will the recipient know that the parcel has already arrived

    When the parcel arrives at the branch or parcel locker, the recipient will receive a SMS notification via or push notification in the mobile application.

    In case of address delivery, the courier will notify the recipient that the parcel has already arrived.