About the company

Nova Post Europe provides a full range of logistics services for both individuals and businesses between the EU and Ukraine, as well as across Europe. The company has already opened its representative offices in 11 European countries - Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary and Italy. It has an extensive customer network in Europe: its own courier delivery, as well as 35 000+ service points, including 85 Nova Post branches.

Nova Post Europe is a part of the NOVA group of companies, which also includes other Ukrainian and international companies, such as Supernova Airlines, NovaPay, the financial company, Nova Digital, the IT company, Nova Global, which provides cross-boarding services, and Nova Post in Ukraine, which is the parent company and is located in Ukraine. It was established in 2001 and is the leader in express delivery and the fastest delivery in Ukraine. It delivers 1.5 million parcels and cargoes daily, and also provides fulfillment and freight services.

Nova Post not only cares about high-quality delivery, but is also a socially responsible citizen of its country. It supports those who are in need during the most difficult times. For 2 years, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company purchased and donated oxygen devices and other medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals, and provided doctors with protective equipment. We invested $1.6 million and helped more than fifty hospitals across Ukraine.

In 2014, Nova Post created the Humanitarian Post, which enables charitable foundations and volunteer organizations to send humanitarian goods at our expense. The program already has 2 000 participating foundations. The total number of parcels delivered by Nova Post at its own expense exceeded 1.5 million pcs.

We want Ukraine to have a liberal economy and strong business. That is why six years ago, we launched the School of Business to provide entrepreneurs with necessary expertise to develop their own business. We have mentored over 5 000 alumni who managed to take their business to the next level or start it from scratch.

NOVA group is 44 000 employees united by an important mission and shared values. The Group is developing according to the following values: Fast - Easy - Safe - Human - Tech - Growth. In addition, NOVA is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine. In 2023, the group's companies paid EUR 260 million of taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels.