International delivery

For Business clients

Types of cargo which can be shipped

  • Pallets


  • Freight up to 1 000 kg

    Freight up to 1 000 kg

  • The rate includes

    • 1
      transportation cost
    • 2
      delivery of a postal item
    • 3
      storage at the branch for 7 days
    • 4
      postal item receiving and delivery at Nova Post branches

  • The rate doesn't include

    • 1
      courier pick-up
    • 2
      taxes, customs duties, customs clearance and other administrative fees: the amount is set according to the laws of the country in which customs clearance procedures take place

Who Pays

  • Delivery

    Sender in another country

  • Customs duties and customs brokerage services

    Recipient in Ukraine

Conditions for Pallet and Freight Delivery for Business Clients:

  • 1
    We can deliver your cargo to a branch or address.
  • 2
    A postal item cannot include more than 5 europallets. If the postal item takes more than 1 freight place, the delivery amount of each transportation place is added.
  • 3
    There is a separate invoice for each delivery in the personal account.