Parcels and documents


It's easy to send parcels and documents from Lithuania to Ukraine together with Nova Post!

Send personal items, documents, gifts or goods to family and friends, which they can receive at a Nova Poshta branch or automated parcel locker, or have them delivered to their address.


  • Delivery times from 5 days
  • Our own network of branches in Lithuania from which parcels can be sent
  • Insurance for the declared value of the shipment
  • Delivery to branches, automated parcel lockers or to an address in Ukraine
  • Shipment tracking
  • Round the clock support

Information about the cost of delivery and delivery terms is shown in the sections Tarrifs and Delivery Terms.

  • Important! The cost of delivery is paid by the sender in Lithuania. The cost of any possible additional customs duties are paid by the receiver in Ukraine.

What can be sent

  • Type of shipments: parcels and documents.
  • Maximum weight and dimensions: up to 30 kg in actual or volume weight. The total of the sides cannot exceed 150 cm, while the length of the longest side cannot be greater than 120 cm (incl. Packaging).
  • Declared value: up to €10,000. In order to ensure that the shipment is accepted during customs clearance procedures, it is important that the declared value reflect the actual (market) value of the shipment..
  • Maximum number of items for each ewaybill: up to 5 items per ewaybill. One item cannot be greater than 30 kg of actual or volume weight.

What can be sent

  • Clothing, textiles, personal items, linens, toys, office supplies
  • Electronics, household appliances
  • Food products which do not require a special temperature and do not spoil quickly, in their original factory packing, up to 10 kg
  • Perfumes and cosmetics: perfumes, colognes, lotions.
  • Household chemicals and cleaning products
  • New automotive batteries, batteries, small batteries (other than lead acid), in their factory packaging with covered contacts
  • Data media, access to which is not password protected, SIM cards (starter packs)
  • Biologically active supplements
  • Other items, which are not shown as forbidden for shipment

You can send a parcel to Ukraine from a branch. Find the Nova Post branch located nearest to you in the section Nearest Branch and send your parcel to Ukraine.

Customs Procedures

During the parcel's customs clearance, the recipient may have two types of customs payments: import duty and VAT. The application and size of these duties are determined by the nature and declared value of the shipment.

  • Declared value of a shipment up to €150

    International shipments sent to Ukraine from an individual to an individual and have a declared value up to €150, are not subject to additional taxes.
  • Declared value of a shipment above €150

    International shipments, which are sent to Ukraine from an individual to an individual, with a declared value above €150 are taxed at a rate of 10% of the amount above €150 and VAT in the amount of 20% of value above €150.

Calculation example:

Value of the goods = €200
Import duty = (€200 - €150) × 10% = €5
VAT = (€200 - €150 + €5 (duty)) × 20% = €11
Customs payments will total: duty €5 + VAT €11 = €16.

A delay at customs, refusal to permit customs clearance, increase in customs duties can occur in the following cases:

  • 1
    a discrepancy has been found between the actual contents and the description of the contents in the declaration
  • 2
    the declared value does not the parcel's actual value
  • 3
    a commercial shipment has been discovered (the sending of the several identical items)
  • 4
    the shipment contains items prohibited from shipment

The receiver pays the customs duties. Nova Post will advise the client by email, SMS or Viber about the details of the customs clearance procedure and the calculation of payment.

Follow your parcel in the Nova Post tracker.