Not accepted for transportation


Goods prohibited for transportation within Romania

  • Items that do not meet packaging and labeling standards

    Shipments without packaging that are not securely fixed or not packed according to their weight, size, shape, contents and fragility. Shipments without information about the sender or recipient. Shipments with obvious damage, glass and fragile items without strong packaging, items on pallets, tied up items.

  • Items of hazardous, toxic, narcotic, and psychotropic composition

    This category primarily includes narcotic and psychotropic substances, poisons, precursors, nuclear materials, radioactive materials, highly hazardous chemicals and highly hazardous biological agents, toxins or other similar hazardous objects or substances (e.g., compressed gasses, flammable liquids and substances, toxic substances, infectious substances, etc.), and drugs.

  • Items/parcels containing live animals and specimens of endangered species of wild animals and wild plants

    This category includes fresh flowers, animals, etc.

  • Items whose contents or placement may endanger human life or health, harm the environment, or destroy or damage other shipments or vehicles

    This category includes, for example, liquid paints, adhesives, and other liquid substances that may be damaged during shipment or may damage or harm other SPS shipments or equipment.

  • Items whose appearance or visible content is offensive or discrediting

    Such as pornography, extremist symbols, etc.

  • Items containing means of monetary circulation or various types of rare and valuable things

    This category includes valid and invalid banknotes and coins, postage stamps, other valuables and jewelry (except jewelry and watches with a retail value of up to EUR 100 that do not contain precious metals), precious stones, precious metals, investment metals, securities with a marked nominal value in uninsured shipments, precious stones, pearls, works of art, collections, antiques, etc

  • Items, articles or goods whose circulation is restricted or prohibited

    This category includes, for example, official documents, medical prescriptions, fake and stolen items, etc.

  • Items containing biological material

    This category includes, for example, human remains, animal remains, coffins, medical waste, biological material, infectious substances, and other health hazards.

  • Items containing explosive material, protective equipment and weapons

    This category includes firearms, ammunition for firearms, pyrotechnics, tear gas, irritant gas, similar chemicals and gasses in various types of containers, any explosives or flammable substances which, alone or in combination with other objects, may cause an explosion or start a fire, organic peroxides, explosives, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing substances, etc.

  • Other items with special characteristics

    This category includes items that may be subject to natural deterioration (degradation) during delivery, such as perishable foods and electronic items that must be operated by two people, so-called large white appliances.

  • Substances or items which are prohibited to transport by international and national laws or which are under special transport regulating.