• What do I need to send a parcel from the Czech Republic

    1. Prepare the items

    2. Make sure the content of the parcel is allowed for shipment

    3. Prepare the information about the sender and the recipient. To do that,provide the following in Latin characters:
            last name
            first name
            phone number
            sender's residential address
            branch number, parcel locker number or full address of the recipient in Ukraine

    4. Go to the nearest Nova Post branch

    5. Register your parcel with the help of an operator

    6. Pay for the shipment and selected additional services: e.g., if you want the Packing service. The fee does not include the customs duties.  

  • What is the cost of a postal item delivery to Ukraine

    The delivery cost depends on the weight and delivery method. Please check the rates on this page.

  • What should be postal item for delivery look like?

       You need to hand your postal item open over to an operator at the branch.
       According to the requirements for international delivery, Nova Post operators need to check its content for prohibited goods.
       If the postal item is packed, the operator is entitled to open it. The only exception is factory packaging.

  • What to do if the shipment is lost, delivered damaged or something is missing

    You can receive compensation for damaged, partially or completely lost shipments.

    To do this, you need to file a complaint with the branch operator orally or in writing.

    You can also file a complaint electronically:

    1. Go to the shipment tracking
    2. Find the express waybill and go to its information
    3. Click the button in the information about the international EW: "Fill a complaint"
    4. Fill out the pop-up online form

    The company's specialists will send a response to your complaint to the specified e-mail within 5 business days.