Parcels and documents


Delivery time

To Ukraine: from 5 days


  • We deliver
    to branches and to the receiver’s address

    We insure
    for the declared value of the postal item
  • We provide 24/7 support
    you can reach an operator at any time to find out where your parcel is or track it on your own

What can be sent

  • Food in factory packing with the total weight up to 10 kg
  • Perfumes and cosmetics: perfumes, eau de Cologne, nail polishes, varnishes and dyes, and cosmetic lotions
  • Household chemical agents and cleaning agents if the manufacturer and ingredients are indicated on the packing
  • New batteries and storage cells (except for lead acid ones) in factory packing, with closed contacts
  • Digital storage devices or flash drives without passwords
  • Dietary supplements, vitamins

What cannot be sent

  • Dangerous goods: weapons, flammable liquids and solids, aerosols, gases and deodorants
  • Works of art: paintings, stamps, antique books, icons
  • Foodstuffs made of animal products, as well as food products requiring specific temperature or perishable products
  • Jewelry and precious metals
  • Medicine
  • Commercial batches: parcel containing more than 3 identical goods, such as 5 phones or 3 pairs of shoes

  • If a customs officer reveals prohibited goods during an examination of the shipment, then parcel will be returned at the sender's expense
Following the parcel’s delivery, we will send the recipient a message by SMS, Viber or email about the parcel’s registration and payments which will be due at delivery

Postal item customs clearance in Ukraine

  • Parcel cost: up to €150

    No taxes are charged
  • Parcel cost: over €150

    ■   Import duty: 10 % of excess over €150
    ■   VAT: 20 % of the delivery cost (excess over €150 + import duty)
    ■   Customs brokerage services

Calculation example:

The goods cost €200. The total customs payments will be:

  • 1
    import duty = (€200 - €150) × 10 % = €5
  • 2
    VAT = (€200 - €150 + €5) × 20% = €11

Total tax charged: €5 + €11 = €16

Examples of customs payments calculations for deliveries to Ukraine

  • <span class="custom-font-size font-size-12" style="font-weight: normal;">Example 1</span>

    Example 1

    I am sending my sister a jacket, a portable speaker and her driving license. The jacket costs €50, and the portable speaker costs €35. The total price is €85. Customs duties will not be charged.
  • <span class="custom-font-size font-size-12" style="font-weight: normal;">Example 2</span>

    Example 2

    I am selling clothes to a buyer in Ukraine. All the items are new, have price tags on, and factory packing is intact. The total price is under €150. Customs duties will not be charged.
  • <span class="custom-font-size font-size-12" style="font-weight: normal;">Example 3</span>

    Example 3

    I am sending my daughter a suitcase of her personal items: dresses, pullovers, shoes and make-up products. These are personal belongings, but they cost more than €150 in total. Customs duties will be charged.
If the declared value of a postal item exceeds €150, do not make two parcels out of one to avoid the customs payments. These parcels will be consolidated at Ukrainian customs and their declared value totaled. Thus customs payments will be applicable
The customs house is entitled to refuse entry into the country of a postal item or change the customs payment amount

This may happen if a customs officer finds a violation:

  • 1
    The postal item content differs from the list indicated in the declaration
  • 2
    The declared value differs from the actual one
  • 3
    The parcel contains a commercial batch: more than 3 identical goods were sent (e.g., 5 watches, 4 pairs of shoes, etc.)
  • 4
    The parcel contains goods which are prohibited for delivery
  • 5
    Over the past month, the recipient already received international deliveries with a total value over €150

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