At the branch or by courier


With Nova Post in Czechia, you can quickly and conveniently receive postal items from Ukraine

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    at a branch
  • 2
    courier delivery to your address

Delivery time

From 5 days

Who pays

Delivery cost Customs duties and customs brokerage services
Sender in another country Recipient in Czechia

Postal item customs clearance

  • Shipment cost: €45–150

    No extra taxesYou need to additionally pay VAT: 21% of the value of the parcel.

    For example, the goods cost €100. The recipient needs to additionally pay VAT: €100 × 21% = €21

  • Shipment cost: over €150

    No extra taxesExtra taxes:
       import duty: up to 25% of the shipment cost, depending on the type of goods
       VAT: 21% of the delivery cost (declared value + import duty)

Calculation example for a customs payment for a postal item costing over €150

The goods cost €300. The total customs payments will be:

  • 1
    import duty = €300 × 12 % = €36 
  • 2
    VAT = (€300 + €36) х 21 % = €70.56

Customs duties payable by the recipient: €36 + €70.56 = €106.56

The customs house is entitled to refuse entry into the country of a postal item or change the customs payment amount

This may happen if a customs officer finds a violation:

  • 1
    The postal item content differs from the list indicated in the declaration
  • 2
    The declared value differs from the actual one
  • 3
    The parcel contains a commercial batch: more than 3 identical goods were sent (e.g., 5 watches, 4 pairs of shoes, etc.)
  • 4
    The parcel contains goods which are prohibited for delivery
  • 5
    Over the past month, the recipient already received international deliveries with a total value over €45