Customs clearance

For Business clients

International delivery

How can a business request freight customs clearance

  • 1
    With the help of a Nova Post customs broker
  • 2
    Using your own customs broker service
  • 3
    Through the recipient when completing an import declaration

Prepare the agreement

For customs clearance of deliveries, you need to sign an agreement for carriage. A customs brokerage service contract is also permitted.

Pay customs fees and duties

After the receipt of the item for shipment, we will send the recipient a message by SMS or email regarding parcel registration and payments.

The recipient needs to sign a power of attorney for a Nova Post customs broker and provide their identification number for customs clearance.

The payments need to be made during the receipt of a postal item: at a branch or through a courier.

Here is a link with the complete information on the rates for delivery from Ukraine.

Prepare your information

  1. 1
    EORI is an economic operator registration and identification number for customs clearance purposes.
  2. 2
    Accompanying documents:
    • 2.1
      invoice with freight information: a detailed description, cost excl. VAT, harmonised codes of the goods, Incoterms for the delivery, signature and seal of the issuer
    • 2.2
      foreign economic contract
    • 2.3
    • 2.4
      power of attorney for the broker
  3. 3
    Additional documents required for certain types of goods. The information can be provided by an operator or sales managers of Nova Post. For example:
    • 3.1
      Quality Assurance Certificate
    • 3.2
      Certificate of Origin
    • 3.3
      HS goods code confirmation from the Harmonised System of Goods Description and Coding
    • 3.4
      technical specifications detailing the quality and quantity and their application etc.

The operator will inform you about additional documents. You can also refer to Nova Post sales manager with questions.

Check your freight

Freight that does not require a veterinary, phytosanitary, environmental or gemological analysis are accepted for delivery.