Parcels and documents


Delivery time

To Ukraine: from 5 days


  • We deliver to branches, parcel lockers and at your address
  • We register insurance within the declared value of the postal item
  • We deliver support: you can ask the operator of our call center where is your parcel or track it by yourself here.

What can be sent

  • Documents
  • Clothes and footwear
  • Textile and bedclothes
  • Children's toys
  • Stationery
  • Household and electronic appliances
  • New batteries and storage cells (except for lead acid ones) in factory packing with covered contacts
  • Data carriers without passwords, SIM card start packages
  • Long-term storage foodstuffs not requiring special temperature conditions: in original packaging and weighing not more than 10 kg (except for animal products and dairy produce, including preserves and condensed milk)
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics: lotions, nail varnishes, hair dyes
  • Household chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Other items not accepted for transportation

Who pays

  • Customs duties and customs brokerage services

    Sender in Germany
    Recipient in another country

After the shipment, we will send the recipient a message on the parcel registration and payments: via SMS, Viber or email.

Customs clearance of a parcel to Ukraine

  • Shipment cost: up to €150

    No extra taxes

  • Shipment cost: over €150

    • 1
      Import duty: 10% of excess of €150
    • 2
      VAT: 20% of the shipment cost (excess of €150 + import duty)
    • 3
      Customs brokerage services

Calculation example:

The goods cost €200. The customs payments will total:

  • 1
    Import duty = (€200 - €150) × 10 % = €5
  • 2
    VAT = (€200 - €150 + €5) × 20% = €11

Total tax charged: €5 + €11 = €16

The customs migh be entitled to refuse the parcel entry to the country or change the customs payment amount

It may happen if a customs officer finds a violation:

  • 1
    The parcel content differs from the list indicated in the declaration.
  • 2
    The declared value does not correspond to the real value of the parcel.
  • 3
    The parcel contains goods that are not accepted for transportation.