Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Steps to ship from a certain location in Germany

    1. Prepare the items to be sent and pack them into a box. For brief instructions about correct packing Click this packing

    2. Fill in the request for courier pick-up:

           on the Nova Post website

          in the mobile application

          in the Business Cabinet.

    3. Complete the invoice in the application: provide a description of the content of the parcel and the market value of each item in it. If the actual value differs from the declared one, customs may reevaluate the postal item and charge additional customs payments.

    4. Pay for the order online.

    You will be emailed a confirmation of request, payment and the time of the courier’s arrival.

    Hand the closed postal item to the courier. The courier will print and attach a sticker to your box.

  • What do I need to send a parcel from Germany

    1. Prepare the items

    2. Make sure the content of the parcel is allowed for shipment

    3. Prepare the information about the sender and the recipient. To do that,provide the following in Latin characters:

         ■   last name

    first name


    phone number

    sender's residential address

    branch number, parcel locker number or full address of the recipient in Ukraine

    4. Go to the nearest Nova Post branch

    Register your parcel with the help of an operator

    Pay for the shipment and selected additional services: e.g., if you want the Packing service. The fee does not include the customs duties.  

  • What is the cost of parcel delivery to Ukraine

    The delivery cost depends on the parcel weight and the delivery method. Please check available rates on this page.

  • How can the recipient receive their parcel in Ukraine

       At the nearest branch

       By ordering courier pick-up: at the recipient's address. You can check the list of settlements where courier delivery is available and the delivery terms here.

       At a parcel locker

    To receive your shipment, you need to have:

       express consignment note number

    original passport of a citizen of Ukraine or international passport

    phone with the number indicated in the ECN.

  • How your parcel should be presented at the branch

    You shall hand your parcel open over to an operator at the branch.

    According to the requirements for international shipment, Nova Post operators need to check its content for prohibited goods.

    If the parcel is packed, an operator shall be entitled to open it. The only exception is factory packaging.

  • In what case will my parcel be refused shipment

    A parcel may be refused shipment if its content violates the shipment rules.
    1. The parcel contains items from the list of prohibited categories.

    Weight or dimensions exceed the maximum.

    Restrictions on the type of shipments:

         ■   Document: Length up to 35 cm, width up to 25 cm, thickness up to 2 cm, actual weight up to 1 kg.

    Parcels: Actual and volumetric weight up to 30 kg, longest side up to 120 cm.

    Cargoes: Actual and volumetric weight up to 1,000 kg, length up to 300 cm, width or height up to 170 cm.

    Restrictions on the place of shipment:

         ■   From the Nova Post branch: Length up to 120 cm, width and height up to 70 cm, weight up to 100 kg
    From certain locations in Berlin: Length up to 120 cm, width and height up to 70 cm, weight up to 100 kg
    From certain locations in Germany except Berlin: Weight not exceeding 31.5 kg, longest side not exceeding 175 cm, box dimensions (2 x height + 2 width + length) not exceeding 300 cm.

         ■   Restrictions on business shipments 

    3. The parcel is a commercial batch: more than 3 identical items. Examples of a commercial batch: 4 phones, 5 wristwatches, etc.

  • Why is it important to indicate the declared value of your shipment correctly

    The value you indicate to the operator shall be equal to the market value of the parcel. This value impacts the amount of customs payments that can be imposed after the parcel crosses the border.

    If a customs officer finds that the declared value of the parcel differs from the actual one, it may cause:

         ■   a delay of the parcel at the border
    revaluation of the parcel content
    recalculation of the customs payment amount for the actual value of the shipment.

  • What happens to my parcel at the customs office

    At the border, the customs officers conduct a detailed examination of each freight. If they find prohibited goods in a shipment, the parcel will be disposed of or sent back at the sender's expense.

    If the declared value of a shipment destined for Ukraine exceeds €150, it is subject to import duty and VAT:

         ■   import duty: 10% of the excess of €150
    VAT: 20% of the shipment value (value + import duty)

    If the declared value of a shipment destined for Germany exceeds €45, it is subject to

         ■   VAT: 19% of the declared value

         ■   customs duties: from 0 to 25%: the rates are assigned by customs officers depending on the type of goods.

    The recipient in Ukraine pays additional customs payments for their parcels. You can find examples of calculating the customs payment amount in our rate payment section. You can also contact our operator if you have any questions.

  • How do I pay customs duties in Ukraine

    The recipient makes the customs payments during the receipt of the parcel: at a branch or at their address.

    For this purpose, a Nova Poshta representative contacts the recipient via the phone number indicated in the declaration or email.

    The recipient needs to sign a power of attorney for a Nova Poshta customs broker and provide their identification number for customs clearance.

  • How can the recipient and I track the parcel and know about its arrival to Ukraine

    You can track the parcel using  Nova Post tracking with the number of the international express consignment note. When the parcel crosses the border, it will be assigned a new number.

    You can also track the transportation within Ukraine via the mobile app.

    When the parcel arrives at a branch or parcel locker, the recipient will be sent a message via Viber, SMS or the mobile app. With delivery at their address, the recipient will be contacted by the courier.

  • What to do if the shipment is lost, delivered damaged or something is missing

    You can receive compensation for damaged, partially or completely lost shipments.

    To do this, you need to file a complaint with the branch operator orally or in writing.

    You can also file a complaint electronically:

    1. Go to the shipment tracking

    2. Find the express waybill and go to its information

    3. Click the button in the information about the international EW: "Fill a complaint"

    4. Fill out the pop-up online form

    The company's specialists will send a response to your complaint to the specified e-mail within 5 business days.