Customs clearance

International delivery

For Business clients

The following types of customs clearance procedures are available for international shipments:

  • Request customs clearance for the shipment with the assistance of the Nova Post broker
  • Request customs brokerage services by a different broker, with whom you have an agreement for import brokerage services

Customs declarations for the shipment are prepare onthe basis of an agreement for the transport service or a separate agreement for the provision of customs brokerage services

In order to prepare the customs declaration, the shipper and/or receiver are to pay the customs duties and the fees, defined by Polish law and the terms of the agreement with Nova Post

In order to prepare the customs declaration of the international shipment in Poland, a business client must provide:

  1. 1
    EORI number*
  2. 2
    Along with the shipment provide the following shipping documents, properly prepared:
    1. 2.1
      invoice (which contains a detailed description of the cargo, value of the cargo without VAT, product codes, Incoterms which are the basis for the shipment, signature and stamp of the person who prepared the document)
    2. 2.2
      international contract
    3. 2.3
    4. 2.4
      power of attorney for the broker, signed and registered in the customs system

Some categories of goods may require additional shipment documents. For example:

  • 1
    certificate of Quality
  • 2
    certificate of Origin
  • 3
    confirmation of the HS Product Code of the Harmonised System of the Description and Codes of Goods
  • 4
    technical specifications with details of quality and quantity and their use
  • 5
    other documents as required

Shipments which require veterinary, phytosanitary, environmental and/or hemological analyses are not accepted for shipment.

* Economic Operator Registration and Identification: identifies the financial operator and is used at customs clearance points of the European Union for the organisation of exports, imports and transit

Value of the customs services 

Submission of declaration, up to 3 customs codes
165 zł
Extra charge for each following customs codet
10 zł
Submission of declaration, up to 3 customs codes
210 zł
Extra charge for each following customs code
+10 zł
Closing of Carnet Tir (customs cargo accompanying document)
145 zł